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Your Perfect Day, Your Perfect Price: Destination Wedding Packages and Prices for 2024

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Comprehensive Guide to Destination Wedding Packages and Prices

Destination Wedding Resorts will provide comprehensive destination wedding packages covering all aspects of your celebration, from pre-wedding events to the ceremony, reception, and even your honeymoon. Whether planning an intimate elopement or a grand event with 100 guests, these resorts offer packages tailored to meet your needs. Let's explore some typical all-inclusive resort wedding packages and what you should consider when choosing one.

Complimentary Wedding Packages for 30 Guests

Details of a complimentary wedding package for up to 30 guests.

Most destination wedding resorts offer some type of complimentary wedding package.

However, to receive this package, you will usually need to meet specific requirements, such as a 3-night minimum stay for a certain number of guests or rooms.

For example, a minimum of five rooms for three nights each could qualify for the free destination wedding package.

You will need to clearly understand the requirements for receiving your complimentary wedding package so you aren’t disappointed when it comes time to finalize everything.

A good destination wedding travel agent can help you set up your destination wedding correctly to qualify for the complimentary package.

What is Included in a Complimentary Wedding Package:

  • Outdoor location for the ceremony

  • Minister to perform symbolic ceremony (if required)

  • Complimentary wooden pergola & matching wooden ceremony table

  • Witness (If required and needed)

  • 30 white avant-garde chairs

  • Sparkling wine during the ceremony

  • Basic audio system

For The Reception:

  • Semi-private dinner reservation for up to 30 guests in one of the resort restaurants, with standard restaurant decor. Note that the complimentary package won’t include a dance floor or any setup on the beach.

When is a complimentary destination wedding package an excellent way to go? A complimentary wedding package will allow you to customize your wedding completely.

Over the years, I’ve advised many of my destination wedding couples to get the complimentary package, especially when other wedding package options included things they didn’t want. It is never wise to pay for something you won’t utilize.

Wedding Packages for Up to 24-28 Guests

Compared to the above complimentary wedding package, here is an example of an upgraded Destination Wedding Package for up to 24 people that is USD $10,000 and $199 per person for additional guests (staying onsite):

Details of a $10,000 destination wedding package for up to 24 guests

In this example, you can have a quality destination wedding while adding a few personal touches. The music and photography will usually be included in this $10K destination package that couples need.

Overall, I still like the complimentary wedding package vs the $10K package because it is an inclusive base package upon which to build.

However, you do need to factor in that it will cost much more than $10K by the time you add the extra elements (DJ/band and photography) and a few touches like bistro lighting, all the table centerpieces, dance floor, music (or musicians) for the wine & cheese hour, etc.

Wedding Packages for 50-100 Guests

Luxury wedding setup with elegant decor and flower arrangements

An example of a destination wedding package for up to 50 people usually includes one free night for you and your spouse when celebrating your first anniversary within the same resort chain.

Here is a breakdown of what would be included in this example Wedding Package:

Details of a deluxe destination wedding package for up to 48 guests

Looking at the inclusions for this package, you can see that it includes many more elements, such as a two-hour welcome cocktail party, hair and makeup, and four hours of standard DJ. So, for the right couple, this is a great package.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone with 40 guests or a couple who isn’t planning to have a welcome cocktail or maybe wants a live band instead of a DJ.

Popular FAQs About Most Destination Wedding Packages:

Question mark cutouts representing frequently asked questions about destination wedding packages

  • Can I substitute items? Most resorts do not allow substitutions, so I advise most clients to go with the wedding package that gives them everything they want and a la carte the rest.

  • What if I want a band instead of a DJ? Can I just pay the difference? Some resorts may allow this, but if not, select a package that doesn’t include the services of a DJ.

  • Can I substitute the flowers? Generally, yes, but there will be a price difference that will be higher, not lower.

  • Can I bring my own photographer/videographer? Many resorts have quality professional photographers, but if you would like to bring your own vendor, there will either be an external vendor fee or a minimum night stay requirement—usually, at least three nights are booked at the resort.

Additional Tips:

  • Packages include complimentary venues. It is typical to see sky wedding terraces with a venue rental fee of $1,500. Buying a restaurant at a resort may have a venue rental fee of $5,000. Beach wedding venues may have an extra setup charge. I’m happy to guide you through these details.

  • If a resort requires that you pick out a package, find out if you can make a change before signing the contract. Generally, you can change it if it is an upgrade, not a downgrade. So, if there is a lower-cost wedding package, select the cheaper one for your contract.

  • Guest inclusions generally refer to those who are booked with the wedding group. Guests staying at a different resort or who booked outside the group may have a separate per-person rate. I advise your guests book within the wedding group to avoid surprise fees.

REMEMBER: every resort brand differs in its pricing and packages. A thriving destination wedding is always planned in these three steps:

  1. Choose the best destination resort venue for YOUR wedding.

  2. Secure your wedding date and time.

  3. Choose the best wedding package that gets you as close as possible to everything you want without including anything you don’t want.

I highly suggest you work with a destination wedding travel agent who can help you easily choose and plan a destination wedding that will be everything you dream it will be, without the stress of trying to do it all on your own.

The right destination wedding package for your wedding is out there. These breakdowns and examples of the different packages will give you an idea of what suits your style, budget, and guest list and help you create an unforgettable wedding experience that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.

You can use the information in this blog post to help you figure out the best wedding package for your destination wedding, or you can just hit the easy button and schedule a free 30-minute destination wedding strategy session with me.

I can help you figure out the best resort, location, and package for an unforgettable destination wedding. Schedule your free 30-minute strategy session today!


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