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Meet Nicole Lawrence

Founder of Travel With Great Company

I was so excited to attend my 20-year high school class reunion. 

There was only one problem. My class wanted to try something different—something truly exciting!—this time around.


Instead of the usual meet up at a local restaurant or ballroom dinner, they decided to travel together … but nobody knew how to plan a trip like that. The class reunion committee called a travel agent for prices, but they didn’t get a good “vibe” about working the agent.


So I stepped in! Not only would I put together the trip, but I would travel with my class—to smooth out all the travel “bumps” along the way.


I designed a 3-day cruise getaway for us all, where we sailed together to the Bahamas. And wow—was it an amazing experience.


This was actually the first class reunion with my class that I attended, and I can’t imagine how a more “traditional” class reunion could ever match it. I got to reconnect with old friends and connect with classmates I didn’t know too well in school. We all walked away with deeper friendships, the kind that lasted long past those 3 days. We’ve stuck together through the hard times—and it all started with one incredible cruise. 


Planning my 20-year class reunion reassured me that becoming a travel advisor was absolutely the right decision. 



Because there’s something so special about bringing people together through travel.

Bonds deepen, laughter becomes contagious, and relationships grow in incredible (often unpredictable) ways. 


Since that cruise, I’ve worked to bring people together through travel whenever I can. As a leader in ministry, I help design and plan women’s conferences that bring God’s word to the people and make travel arraignments for ministry leaders. 


And for the past nine years, I’ve helped my own clients connect with their loved ones in powerful ways through my travel planning services. 


As an Elite Cruise Counselor and Certified Travel Industry Executive with a Master’s degree in Business, I take an analytic approach to figuring out all your travel logistics—making sure every little detail is taken care of. 


But you get the human touch, too! Unlike some of those online booking agencies, my clients aren’t just another number. They’re family.


When you work with me, all your questions will be answered with patience and respect, you’ll receive honest guidance as to what works best for YOUR needs, and you can expect help and support every step of the way. 


Because I founded Travel With Great Company with this mission in mind: to help you renew and strengthen your relationships. 

And that starts with working with a travel advisor you know you can trust

 I’d be honored if you trusted my team and I with your next bond-building travel experience. 


Ready to Start Designing Your Bond-Building Travel Experience?

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