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The EASY Way to 
Travel With Great Company

Reconnect on a Stress-Free Group Travel Experience

At Travel With Great Company,
we believe travel is more fun together!

Except when …


… you’re juggling communication with your entire group, fielding late-night calls and panicked emails asking you for important info …


... you’re trying desperately to coordinate with the resort or cruise line, but they just keep giving you the run around …


… you’re stuck in the middle of money matters, cancellation issues, and hurt feelings with your fellow travelers—you certainly didn’t sign up for this!


Yes, planning a group trip all by yourself can suck the “fun” right out of the experience.


But we have good news—we’re pros at making complicated group trip planning absolutely effortless for your group!


We not only help—we take the reins, expertly guiding you through every step of the group planning process.

Here are just a few of the bond-building, stress-free group getaways we can craft...

Class Reunions

Break out of the same-old, same-old class reunion mold with a group travel experience, crafted just for your class! Build anticipation among your classmates—and increases attendance—with a bond-building, out-of-the-box cruise or resort adventure.

Family Reunions

Elevate your next family reunion with an unforgettable cruise or resort stay. No clean up, no coordination, no stress—just an incredible chance to swap stories, strengthen connections between generations, and grow closer with the ones you love most.

Friend Getaways

Celebrate your friendship in truly spectacular surroundings, planned just for your group. Birthday bashes, bachelor/bachelorette parties, just-because getaways … this will be a journey for the record books!

Corporate Travel

Reward your best employees with an invigorating incentive travel experience, or provide the perfect climate—outside of the office!—for workshops, trainings, and conferences. 

Joint Ventures

As a small business owner, you know just how important customer loyalty is to the health of your business. Turn happy customers into your BIGGEST (lifelong!) fans by inviting them to join you on a custom group trip! Grow your business while you foster relationships with your client base. Perfect for businesses that share a passion with their customers, like restaurants,wineries/breweries, sports clubs, and more. 

Affinity Groups

Deepen your passions, develop new skills, and strengthen your relationships among group members—all on one fabulous trip. We’ll build in exclusive activities and excursions tailored to your group’s shared interests.

Full-Service Group Travel Planning

Our group travel planning services go way above and
beyond simply booking your rooms—including:


  • Negotiating group room blocks with your cruise line or resort to get you top rates

  • Booking every individual traveler/family in your group

  • Offering payment plans and collecting deposits

  • Securing special event space for your group dinners, galas, or get-togethers 

  • Arranging group excursions

  • Coordinating special accommodations for group members with mobility needs, dietary restrictions, etc.

  • Helping you secure buy-in from your group—we can schedule group calls to amp up the excitement, help you craft a presentation for your group committee, etc.

  • Creating an exclusive private Facebook group to share information with your group members

… and more! Whatever you need, we’re on it. 

Friends Getaway

Celebrate your friendship in truly spectacular surroundings, planned just for your group. Birthday bashes, bachelor/bachelorette parties, just-because getaways … this will be a journey for the record books!


Effortless Travel:

Escorting Option

Want to be fully present during your group travel experience?

Yearn for on-the-ground support every step of your journey?


We offer groups the option to have a Travel With Great Company expert escort your group trip. We’ll be there to handle all of the logistics and event setup, so you can just focus on creating incredible memories together. Inquire about our trip escort services on your quick "Hello" call!

Our Group Planning Fee


We charge a professional planning fee that starts at $500 for group travel experiences (depending upon the complexity of your trip). And, $200 per additional household or $100 per person for researching, planning, booking, and coordinating the travel for every group member—including your group leader!

Ready to Start Designing Your Bond-Building Travel Experience?

Leave it all to us! Book your 45-minute complimentary consultation call now so I can show you how to

Travel With Great Company the easy, bond-building way

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