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Faith-Based Travel 

Replenish Your Most Valued Relationships

Walk in the footsteps of Jesus in Jerusalem,
visiting sacred sites and holy places where miracles were performed …


Marvel at the Vatican—and catch an address from the Pope himself—in Rome …


Take time away to strengthen your connection to your congregation, your family, yourself, and your savior with a custom journey crafted by Travel With Great Company.


We’ve seen it first-hand: Selfless ministers and clergy so often put their own flocks first, while their needs fall by the wayside. Of course, you feel a deep God-given calling to give your all. But how will you cooperate with God to rest, recover, and replenish your own family relationships? 


That’s why we’re here to “minister” to the ministers—by designing a custom travel experience that facilitates your own vital replenishment and relaxation. When you’re feeling wonderfully replenished, you have more to give. 

Here's how we can help

Embark on a

Replenishing Getaway

Strengthen your connection to the Lord, yourself, and your loved ones on a custom-designed getaway. Ministry requires you to give your all—and so taking time to step back and nurture your relationship with yourself and your family is crucial. There’s no better way to do that than through a tailored travel experience! We help create that much-needed space for connection that’s so hard to come by in your busy, day-to-day life ministering to others. A well-planned, highly customized trip can help rejuvenate you. 


Whether it’s a sun-kissed escape to a breezy tropical resort or cruise, or a faith-based journey you yearn to share with your family, your time away will come together seamlessly. We’ll design a relaxing, totally stress-free experience for you—that way, you can return replenished and ready to give your best to your congregation. 

Travel With Your Congregation

Bring the Bible to life on a custom journey or pilgrimage with your congregation. Help your congregation deepen their relationship with the Lord by experiencing what they’ve learned about in searing, powerful ways—like being baptized in the Jordan River or descending into Jerusalem’s Church of the Nativity, which stands over Jesus’ place of birth.


Plus, a trip with your congregation is sure to strengthen ties among your flock. Create a stronger sense of family and community on a bond-building trip.


We’ll plan it all, from start to finish. This includes helping you pick the perfect destination(s) for your trip, booking travel for both you and all members of your congregation, and spearheading communication efforts up to (and even after!) you all depart. 


Learn more about our Group Travel services here.

Our Travel Planning Fee

We charge a professional planning fee that covers our time researching, planning, and booking the travel for your next stress-free getaway.

Our planning fees are as follows:​


Family/Couples Travel

Cruises & All-Inclusive Resorts: $300 per household

Custom International Travel: Starts at $500 per household

Group Travel

Cruises & All-Inclusive Resorts: $500

Custom International Travel: Starts at $500

Ready to Start Designing Your Replenishing Travel Experience?

Leave it all to us! Book your 45-minute complimentary consultation now so I can show you how to

Travel With Great Company the easy, bond-building way

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