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Fees & Benefits

Our Planning Fees and Your Traveler Benefits

At Travel With Great Company, we take pleasure in offering you exceptional support and a singular travel experience that allows you to nurture your most cherished relationships in spectacular surroundings. Our goal is to create a journey so stress-free and seamless, you don’t have to lift a finger yourself.


To maintain our high level of service, we require a planning fee for our custom-designed trips. Here are the benefits the travel research & planning fee affords you:

A Deeply Researched Itinerary

A quick Google search may get you dreaming about travel possibilities, but it’s practically impossible to create a tailored trip from online sources—especially when you don’t know which sources you can trust. Luckily, you can trust our team to do the research for you. We’ll:

  • Work with our vetted industry partners to develop customized itinerary options for you

  • Research the best dining, shopping, and sightseeing recommendations, based on your particular interests

  • Uncover the best-value flights and transfers that work

       with your schedule


Manage All the Details, Big and Small

Details make the difference! Let us handle them all for you. Our detail-oriented travel management includes:

  • Planning and coordinating special occasion celebrations and/or arranging for special-needs accommodations

  • Ensuring you have the right travel insurance policy to cover your itinerary, so you can be confident your investment is protected

  • Analyzing all the “small print” rules and conditions for each element of your journey, so you won’t be in for any unwelcome surprises

  • Securing all your museum and sight-seeing tickets before you leave, so you don't have to wait in line

  • Confirming all of your travel documents are in order—and we’ll do one last final check right before you depart!

Clear Communication & Responsive Support

Here’s something you just won’t find with those online vacation packages: Personal support every step of the way. At Travel With Great Company, we offer just that. Here’s how we’re bringing the “personal touch” to your journey:

  • Hold a pre-departure call with you to review your documents and prepare you for travel

  • Be available to answer any and all of your questions leading up to your departure—questions are welcomed here!

  • While you're traveling, we’re here for you with 24/7 support—assistance is only an email, text, or phone call away

  • If an emergency arises during your travels, you won’t have to wait on hold—we’ll take charge on your behalf

  • Once you arrive back home, we’ll check in with you to ensure every part of your journey exceeded expectations


Our Travel Planning& Research Fee

To provide you with all of the above, we require a one-time travel research & planning fee as follows:


Starting at $300 per household


This fee is payable before we begin to research your itinerary after we “meet” with you on your quick "Hello" call. We’ll be sure to answer all your questions about our process and what to expect before we ask for our fee.

Special Support for Groups


Traveling with a group? With so many travelers to account for, the logistics can get complicated quickly—but we’ll smooth it all out for you. Our special planning benefits for groups include:


  • Coordinating travel schedules and communication for your entire group

  • Providing each household with personalized service, so each traveler can explore “their own way” as a part of the larger group

  • Creating an e-flyer that you can share with your family and friends, as well as a private Facebook group, to help you promote and fill the group trip and share detailed information quickly

  • Managing reservations and processing payments for each household, so you don’t have to be in the middle handling sensitive payment information


Our group travel planning fee is as follows:


Starting at a $500 group fee (typically paid by the group leader) plus a $200 planning fee per additional household or $100 per person; fees may increase for more complicated itineraries.

Psst … need more group support? Ask us about having a travel expert escort your group trip—we’ll handle all the on-the-ground logistics, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the travel experience with your group!

Ready to Start Designing Your
Bond-Building Travel Experience?

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