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  • Nicole Lawrence

How To Wow Your Vow RENEWAL

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

You never got to take the honeymoon you wanted, so why not make it part of your vow renewal? Planning a wedding ceremony can be stressful, but renewing your vows doesn't have to be. Recommitting yourself to the one you love before friends and family can be stress-free if you choose a destination vow renewal and let us do all the planning.

Where Should You Go?

A tropical destination is a top choice for a destination vow renewal ceremony. Think blue skies and blue waters — the perfect backdrops for a honeymoon after the service. The Riviera Maya and Jamaica are among our top suggestions.

When Should I Start Planning?

Give us as little as a few months or as long as a year. We can expertly plan a beautiful recommitment ceremony that your busy life won't allow you the time to prepare. If you're a couple celebrating a milestone ceremony and have big ideas for what you want to be included in it, you might want to start planning the details early. Either way, we can help you pull off your dream renewal!

How Much Will It Cost?

Of course, there will be travel costs. But don't let that scare you; there's a ceremony for every budget. Like any wedding, you have to consider the number of guests when considering costs. More guests mean more of everything else (meals, tables, decorations), which translates to more money spent. But destination weddings can be convenient and cost-effective in that the resort that hosts your party will provide all the vendors you will need.

Etiquette Concerns

Etiquette will be less of a concern with your destination ceremony. It's perfectly acceptable for you and your significant other to host the event or have your adult children host it and invite guests.

What to Wear

Go casual or go dressy — it's completely OK to do either. Buy a new wedding dress or rent a tuxedo. If the ceremony is in a tropical location, brides might want to wear a sundress and the groom may want to go for jeans and a polo shirt. Wear what suits you and makes you comfortable.

Changes in the Ceremony

This time around, you might want to walk down the aisle alone or take the stroll together. Having your children escort you adds a nice touch, also.

Who to Invite

It’s really up to you. You could invite those closest to you, including your original wedding party. You could invite your neighbors, coworkers and distant relatives. It’s your choice.

Making it Meaningful

Like your first wedding, you'll remember this day forever. But you can make it even more meaningful by adding elements from your first ceremony, whether it be wearing your first wedding dress or suit, or some other special item that your spouse has given you. Having your children be a part of the ceremony also adds a special touch.

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