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Why Travelers Highly Rank The Delta Sky Miles Program

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Did you know that Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the US? That means most of you reading this most likely fly Delta regularly. If you do, the Delta SkyMiles Program is worth signing up for. This frequent flyer program costs nothing to join and provides you perks and mileage points that convert to FREE travel - Yes, that’s right, FREE travel. You can use these miles to purchase seat upgrades, merchandise, gift cards, Delta Sky Clubs airport lounge memberships, vacation packages, exclusive experiences, and more!

There are many reasons why this program is beneficial, but you may be asking yourself, “why is Delta’s SkyMiles Program ranked so highly by travelers?” Here’s why!

Delta SkyMiles Program Is The Most Valuable Rewards Program

The industry standard for frequent flyer programs is 1 cent per mile. Delta’s miles are valued at 1.1 cents each, making them the most valuable rewards on a per-mile basis of any major U.S. carrier.

Your Miles Never Expire!

Unlike some other frequent flyer programs, the Delta SkyMiles you earn never expire. Your miles will continue to accumulate and can be used as long as your account is open.

You Can Earn When You Fly

Flying on Delta, or one of their partner airlines is the easiest way to earn miles.

Delta partners with over 20 airlines, allowing you to earn and use SkyMiles on flights aboard other carriers. These include WestJet, Virgin Atlantic, Hawaiian Airlines, Aeromexico, Air France, and more.

Most frequent flyer programs reward you with miles by how far you fly, but Delta SkyMiles rewards you on how much you spend. Every $1 you spend will earn you 5 miles, with just the basic membership. However, as you grow to the elite statuses, you will earn more miles per dollar, as well as many additional benefits including, first-class upgrades, waived baggage fees, and more!

You Can Earn When You Use A Delta Credit Card

Not only can you earn Delta SkyMiles by flying, but you can earn them with your everyday purchases. American Express issues Delta Credit Cards for personal and business spending which helps you rack up points as well as earn miles on every dollar you spend.

You Can Earn by Making Purchases With One Of Delta’s Partners

Don’t have a Delta Credit Card? No need to worry. You can still earn Delta SkyMiles points by making purchases with one of Delta’s Partners such as Hotels & Air BnB’s, Lyft & Car Rentals, Restaurants, and Retail Stores.

Delta SkyMiles is free and easy to join!

Follow these simple steps to start earning points towards FREE travel today:

2. Fill out your personal information

3. Create a username and password

4. Begin Earning points towards Free Travel!

Send me an email when you're ready to start planning your next vacation, and we can assist you in getting signed up for the Delta SkyMiles Program.

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