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Why Group Travel Is Great For A Business Trip

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Corporate trips can be a delicate business, but they can also be rewarding, especially if there are things to celebrate, like promotions, retirements, or reaching your end-of-year sales goals. Business travel allows you a unique opportunity to build relationships with your team while also networking. Once you take people out of their day-to-day environments and share a unique experience, bond-building begins.

Business travel presents an excellent opportunity for you to network, both within your organization and outside, and will provide you memories to share in the office for years to come.

Here are some more reasons why group sailing is an excellent idea for your next business trip.

>> Having the chance to get to know different team members and putting a face to a name will only help improve your company’s culture by keeping your employees engaged and productive. Show your team how much you appreciate them by organizing a river cruise down the Rhine or Danube rivers to see some of Europe’s most famous sites. Traveling together also allows your team to experience different cultures that can inspire creativity and a new perspective. A fresh outlook and learning to travel together can be beneficial when it comes to problem-solving and collaboration. Trading your office happy hours for delicious Sip & Sail cocktails is an excellent way to reward your team for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

>> Business trips aren't just limited to the internal team only. Inviting clients is a great way to show your appreciation for their business and to build connections. River cruise ships are all equipped with libraries and lounges that offer the perfect meeting space for when you need to get down to business. Whether you're entertaining new or loyal clients, in-person meetings and shared experiences help build trust, which is crucial to sustaining a healthy business partnership.

>> Group travel can often be seen as expensive and challenging to plan, but that doesn't have to be the case. Traveling as a group also means you have access to group discounts and special reservations, which can reduce your river cruise cost. Bringing your colleagues together for a river cruise gives everyone the flexibility to spend their day as they choose while still being together. Everyone on your team can break out for daily excursions personalized to their interests before coming together in the evening for sunset drinks and dinner on board.

Ready to plan your next group business trip sailing through a beautiful destination? Email me or schedule a Complimentary Travel Consultation and let us plan an incredible river cruise experience that your whole team will love.

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