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Use Your Delta SkyMiles Rewards To Purchase Your Next Trip!

Did you know that Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the US? That means most of you reading this most likely fly Delta regularly. If you do, the Delta SkyMiles Program is worth signing up for. This frequent flyer program costs nothing to join and provides you perks and mileage points that convert to FREE travel - Yes, that’s right, FREE travel.

Unlike other frequent flyer programs, the Delta SkyMiles you earn never expire. Your miles will continue to accumulate and can be used as long as your account is open.

So how can you travel for free? You can use your Delta SkyMiles to purchase Delta Gift Cards!

Then, the gift card can be applied as payment towards a Delta Vacations package that includes airfare. Who could say no to free travel?

To purchase a Delta Gift Card with miles:

1. Log into their SkyMiles® Member account

2. Visit the mileage redemption for Delta Gift Cards page, where you can select the desired gift card amount and quantity

3. Only one SkyMiles Member account can be used for payment per gift card. If travelers wish to use miles from separate accounts, each account owner will have to log in separately to make a purchase

4. Delta Gift Cards purchased with miles will not be available to the recipient until approximately seven days from the time of purchase

After you obtain your gift card!

Once we book your next Delta Vacations trip, we can apply your Delta Gift Card toward your vacation reservation as payment. It’s as simple as that!

I'd love to help you plan an amazing vacation to celebrate life's big moments through travel. Schedule a 15-minute quick "Hello" chat when you're ready to start planning your trip.

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