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Tips For The Perfect Hawaiian Vacation

Are you ready for a Hawaiian vacation, but don't know whether you can afford it or when you should go? Just remember that a trip to Hawaii can be fun and affordable if you have the right tools and research. We are here to help you make your dream trip to Hawaii a reality, and here's how!

Don’t Travel on School Holidays

You might think spring or summer break is an excellent time to visit with the kids out of school, but this is not true. The beaches are the most crowded in summer and winter, and flights and hotel rates are more expensive during school holidays. The best and most cost-efficient times to travel to Hawaii are May and October. The weather is not too extreme, nor are the costs for flights and lodging.

Be Picky About Your Splurges

A stay in a luxurious resort may or may not be necessary for you to enjoy Hawaii, depending on the occasion. A condo like accommodation — kitchens, washing machines, etc. — are private and more cost-effective. Save your splurging for pampering yourself with a massage or a great meal while you're on vacation.

Don't Try to Do It All

You may get so excited about your trip and want to cram every activity possible into a short time period. However, there is too much to see and do during just one trip to Hawaii, so we can help you determine the top activities you are most interested in and focus on only those. Inter-island travel could break the budget and might not be possible with your trip timeline. You may want to kayak along the Na Pali Coast or try a helicopter tour, which are great activities that can be done within a single day. Consider exploring only one or two islands so you can treat yourself to great adventures while you're in Hawaii, without stressing about running out of time.

The Beach is a Must

Hawaii's beaches are world-class and a must-do. Snorkel with the sea turtles during the day and relax under the coconut palms in the evenings. Now that's authentic Hawaii!

When you are ready to start planning your Dream Vacation to Hawaii, schedule your FREE travel consultation. We will design an amazing itinerary so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty Hawaii offers.

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