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The Number One Thing You Need To Travel Often And Stay Connected

International travel can become expensive, especially if you need to make calls or use the internet.

If you travel internationally and need to work virtually, stay overseas for weeks or months, or like to stay connected with your loved ones, consider using Solis portable wifi.

When you travel internationally, your phone plan could cost you $10, or $20 a day, to make phone calls or access the internet. Not to mention the low amount of data usage you're allowed.

Like me, you probably don't trust unsecured networks like public wifi for your work or personal use.

Solis wifi can help you solve these problems.

Plans & Savings -

  • Once you have your Solis Hotspot and Power Bank, you can access different plans based on your needs: USA, Global, Europe, and Asia.

  • You can pay per gigabyte, per day, or the best value: an entire month unlimited plan. That plan is $99, which, compared to your mobile phone provider, could save you upwards of $200.

Secured Network -

  • You will purchase a Solis Hotspot and Power Bank, which will become your own private, secure, and portable network connection. The technology will connect to local mobile networks without SIM cards.

Take these 4 Easy Steps to enjoy Solis wifi while you travel -

  1. Purchase the Solis Hotspot and Power Bank. Want to save 15%? Please email us to request the PROMO code.

  2. Download the Mobile App & Connect Your Hotspot

  3. Choose the wifi Plan that Works For You

  4. Connect!

Missing travel? Let's get a vacation on the calendar for you. It doesn't matter if it's later this year or next; we all need something to look forward to. Reach out today to schedule a 15-minute quick "Hello" chat at your convenience.

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