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The Caribbean Islands That Have The Most Things To Do

There is no better place to experience a beach vacation than in the Caribbean. It is a perfect destination for any traveler because there are so many different islands to choose from, all offering different climates, activities, and adventures. Since all of the islands in the Caribbean offer different things, it may be challenging to know which is the best destination if you want to avoid boredom. From snorkeling to ziplining to hiking, the islands below have some of the most things to do.

1) St. Kitts

The island of St. Kitts has dramatically gorgeous landscapes and scenery and offers a variety of exhilarating activities to partake. There is plenty for everyone to do, from taking a ziplining tour over the rainforest to trekking through the jungle. If you also need time to relax, you can make yourself at home in one of the luxury accommodations, which allow you to unwind, enjoy a s’more by a bonfire, or treat yourself to a spa day.

2) Jamaica

In Jamaica, there is a myriad of outdoor activities and wonders to explore. Unique adventures such as riding a retired polo pony through the ocean, going on a dune buggy excursion, tubing down rivers, or visiting underground caves can all be found here. From hiking to waterfalls to kayaking, the variety of activities in Jamaica can seem endless.

3) Vieques, Puerto Rico

Only about 6 miles away from the Southwest coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is a tiny island that provides you with a place to escape. More quiet and serene than mainland Puerto Rico, Vieques offers a sense of isolation and privacy while still having many adventures. Off-road exploring, snorkeling, going on bike tours, and kayaking are all activities you can participate in here.

4) Curacao

Located just south enough in the Caribbean to avoid the hurricane belt, Curacao is mainly known for its water-centered activities. Breathtaking coral reefs and stunning colorful fish make diving and snorkeling extra special here. Other activities such as windsurfing and standup paddleboarding let you see the water from a different perspective. If you would rather stay on land, things like hiking and quad tours let you see the gorgeous scenery that Curacao has to offer.

If you are thinking about planning a trip to the Caribbean, choosing the perfect island for your destination may seem like a chore. If you are looking for somewhere to have many incredible adventures, consider traveling to St. Kitts, Jamaica, Vieques, or Curacao.

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