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The Best Beaches to Visit in Africa

Africa is the perfect destination to celebrate any special occasion, like a milestone birthday celebration or annual friends’ getaway. Africa’s culturally diverse nation offers unique and memorable things to do on your visit, like sightseeing on an exotic safari or taking a city tour. But you may not know that the beaches of Africa are also a great reason to visit! Although Africa has various incredible places to visit, some spots are higher up on the list. When it comes to the beaches of Africa, there are plenty of spectacular places you will want to check out.

Continue reading to discover some of the best beaches to visit in Africa!

Mnemba Island, Tanzania

North of the coast of Tanzania, Mnemba Island is known as the perfect place for couples to get away. Whale watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming with dolphins are all common activities here. The accommodations are nothing less than exquisite, with the only accommodation on the island being an exclusive group of private beach cottages. With only 12 available, each contains a veranda and plenty of island shade.

Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

A group of 32 coral islands, Quirimbas Archipelago, is abundant with gorgeous scenery and wildlife. In fact, the southernmost 11 islands are even protected by the Quirimbas National Park. Pristine reefs, whitetip sharks, Napoleon wrasse, and various types of tropical fish are all sights you can expect to see here. The islands also hold some fascinating cultural history with their Portuguese past.

Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

This collection of islands sits north of Mombasa and off the coast of Kenya. On the Indian Ocean, these islands contain quiet streets. There are no cars available for visitors on the main island, keeping the relaxing and peaceful energy that may feel like you are stepping back into the past.

Port St. Johns, South Africa

Port St. Johns is in the Transkei region of South Africa and is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Wild Coast. With a breathtaking gorge that runs along the Umzimvubu River and hidden beaches perfect for escaping, Port St. Johns has incredible sights to see. Additionally, the local Pondo culture means that local cattle are often spotted enjoying the beaches, which is how you know the beaches are top-notch!

Mnemba Island, Tanzania, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique, Lamu Archipelago, Kenya, and Port St. Johns, South Africa are some of the best beaches to add to your bucket list. From secluded beaches that give you a feeling of escape to more popular, activity-filled islands, the beaches of Africa have much to offer.

Whether you are going on a milestone birthday vacation, romantic escape, family trip, etc., there is something and somewhere from everyone. When you’re ready to start planning, schedule a quick “Hello” call or email me so we can design your unique and unforgettable trip to Africa!

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