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Must-have experiences to have on your next visit to London!

London is a world-renowned city with lots to offer and much to do. There is truly something for everyone from various museums, extraordinary palaces, and beautiful gardens for an afternoon stroll. It may be challenging to decide which experiences to have, but don’t fret! The following list contains some of the top things to experience the next time you visit the capital of England.

British Museum

The British Museum has been regarded as one of the best museums in all of London, thanks to it holding some of the world’s most prestigious antiquities. The museum holds about 8 million objects, so it can be slightly overwhelming to see in one day. Luckily you can always come back multiple times, especially since admission is free.

Buckingham Palace

Known mainly as Queen Elizabeth II’s London accommodation, Buckingham Palace is also home to an exquisitely designed interior and exterior. Whether you only want to see the palace's exterior or book a tour through the inside, Buckingham Palace is a must-see for anyone visiting London.

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Located from Kensington Palace to the west of Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are great places to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Both Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are free to the public and contain many remarkable sights, such as the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, and Serpentine Lake.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is one of four “Tate” museums, with this one containing the most modern and contemporary pieces of art. It holds a staggering 70,000 works of contemporary British art grouped throughout the museum according to different themes. The museum is free to visit and may have you wanting to stay for a while.

Westminster Abbey

A medieval church, Westminster Abbey has a rich history full of royal coronations, weddings, and much more. Even if you are not into history, this church has beautiful architecture and gorgeously decorated interiors worth seeing. They have free audio guides available online, or you can purchase a tour if you want to learn even more about the church’s background.

Although London has a whole array of fun activities to do and sights to see, some of the top experiences to have are listed above. From appreciating the art at museums to strolling through Kensington Gardens, there is something for everyone.

When you’re ready to start planning, schedule your quick “hello” call or email us, and we can help you select the top experiences for you to enjoy on your next trip to London.

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