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  • Nicole Lawrence

Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

All newlyweds, perhaps particularly the brides, look forward to an extraordinary romantic honeymoon at the perfect destination. After the wedding, there's no better way to celebrate your union or to unwind after months of planning than to experience the destination of your dreams with the one you love. Below, you'll find ten of the most romantic destinations on the planet.

1. Colombia. This compelling South American country is certainly climbing its way up to the top of honeymoon wishlists. Day and nighttime activities are flourishing in Colombia. Go on walking tours, eat at swanky cafes, and dance the evenings away at vibrant nightclubs.

2. Greece. The country is known for its phenomenal food, stunning views, colorful architecture, and its rich history. There's almost no better place to spend your honeymoon.

3. Puglia, Italy. As one of Italy's most charming areas, Puglia provides breathtaking landscapes, luxurious hotels, and some of the most magnificent beaches.

4. Zanzibar. Not only is Zanzibar beautiful, but there's so much to do. You and your spouse can go snorkeling, check out the sea turtles near the shore, sunbathe on sandy beaches, and shop at curiosity boutiques.

5. The Maldives. This cluster of small islands makes a considerable impact and creates everlasting memories. Glistening blue waters and white sandy beaches are enough to make your honeymoon absolutely magical.

6. Zambia. If you're looking for one wild adventure, Zambia might be the destination you're looking for. Generously untouched by man, the lands of Zambia are occupied by numerous exotic species that can be viewed up close when you book a safari tour.

7. Indonesia. This alluring place is nothing short of luxurious. The spiritual connection between you and your spouse is bound to grow after you experience Indonesia together. Visit temples, remote beaches, and pristine landscapes hand in hand.

8. New Zealand. New Zealand is a honeymooner's dream. It doesn't get any more picturesque or enchanting than experiencing snowcapped mountains, luscious greenery, and starry nights together.

9. Japan. It may be crowded, but there's so much beauty to behold in Japan. You can spend days, even weeks wandering through all the temples, shrines, gardens, markets, and lively streets found throughout the fascinating country.

10. Croatia. Located in Central Europe, this coastal country is one of the most romantic places on Earth. There is so much to discover, including the different islands, cobbled streets, medieval villages, olive groves, untouched beaches, and mesmerizing nightlife.

Want to learn of more amazingly romantic honeymoon destinations, or start planning your honeymoon to one of the beautiful destinations mentioned above?

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