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It's Definitely Time for a Family Reunion!

Does your family only get together for weddings and funerals? Have you missed having big Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? Do you want to know your family members better? Then it's time to plan a family reunion!

Whether close to home or traveling somewhere new, getting together as a family can help catch up and connect or reconnect through shared fun experiences.

Family Reunions can take a lot of planning and preparation, especially for destination reunions. But that is where we come in! There are many different ways to celebrate a multi-generational family reunion through travel. Keep reading to learn more.

A family reunion is a get-together where you and your extended family can celebrate your family's history, achievements, new additions and remember loved ones.

It's great because children can meet and interact with their elder relatives, especially those who don't live close by. Middle-aged family members can share their accomplishments, and teenagers can share their plans for the future. Not only are you sharing family history, but you are establishing family traditions. This exchange makes family connections and fosters inter-generational relationships.

A multi-generational cruise is an excellent option for a family reunion.

There are often two, three, or more generations within a family. Cruise ships offer staterooms designed to accommodate larger families and connect rooms with an inner door to create spacious family suites.

Cruises are suitable for the pickiest of eaters with many available food options: the Lido Deck buffet, specialty dining restaurants, and the Main Dining room. The Main Dining Room is usually the best for families because everyone has dinner at a set time and sits together. It's kind of like Sunday Dinners but a lot more fun. Everyone gets the service of a fine dining establishment with a 3-course meal, and no one has to cook or clean.

You and your family members can spend all your cruise time together if you'd like. Or everyone can do age-appropriate activities and come together for dinner to share the details of their day with the family. The ship's entertainment schedule is filled with activities from lectures and seminars, dance classes, the casino, the spa, and children's program to name a few. There is something for everyone where you can be busy from the moment you arrive, you can rest and relax, or you can do anything in between.

Your family can have special family time for family traditions. Families who travel together engage in family bonding activities, share experiences over several days and create long-lasting family memories. The increased family interaction helps individuals make family connections and build family unity.

River cruises are a great alternative to ocean cruises.

Whether here in the U.S. or abroad, riverboats are significantly smaller vessels carrying between 100 and 400 passengers, depending on the particular boat. Some boats also offer connected staterooms to accommodate families.

River cruises are at a different pace from ocean cruises. During the day, you are in a town or city exploring the culture and history. In the evenings you are drinking, eating and enjoying live entertainment. Although they do not have children's clubs, children ten or older may appreciate experiencing the history and culture. The most crucial factor is that river cruises are all-inclusive. Your cruise fare includes food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, tours, and entertainment.

An All-Inclusive Resort would be another excellent option for you and your family!

It is easy to stay on a budget with your lodging, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, entertainment, non-motorized water activities, and gratuities, all included. There are various properties with family-friendly activities, adult fun, and children's clubs and activities, making it easy to plan fun days for all ages. The family can plan events within the resort or explore the destination together. Either way, the experience of another culture and time away from everyday life will strengthen the family bond.

Plant the seeds of your family's next family reunion. Now is the time to plan for 2023 and beyond!

We help families, friends, and couples plan amazing vacations to celebrate life and big moments through travel. Schedule a 15-minute quick "Hello" chat If you have questions or want to start planning.

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