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How Do You Keep Up With Your Trip Details?

Updated: May 15, 2022

A vacation can be exciting, fun, and relaxing! At Travel With Great Company, we work to eliminate your travel stress and streamline your process. How do we do this? We provide you with a Virtual Trip Plans Account.

This account gives you a visual representation of your trip itinerary, access to all necessary travel documents, information about your destination, site-seeing activities, etc. It is the simplest way to view your trip itinerary and travel documents all in one place!

What your Virtual Trip Plans Account Includes:

  • A Custom Day-by-Day Itinerary of your trip

  • Your Flight and Transportation Details

  • Your Hotel or Cruise Ship Accommodations

  • Your Tours or Excursion Details

  • Quick access to contact information for travel partners, hotels, tour companies, travel insurance policies, etc.

  • City Guides with information regarding your destination (restaurants, sightseeing activities, events, and more)

Documents Included:

  • Your trip's Travel Documents

  • Any Important Documentation needed for travel such as confirmations, activity vouchers, tickets, etc.

  • Additional Travel Information crafted and provided by us includes a "What to Pack" checklist, TSA information for flying, travel advisories, etc.

Here's how it works:

  1. Travel With Great Company creates your Account custom to your trip itinerary.

  2. You will receive an email with a link to your account.

  3. With one simple click, you can:

    1. View your account via a browser online

    2. Download or Print a PDF version of the itinerary

    3. Or view your account on your mobile device with the Trip Plans App. The best part about the Trip Plans App is that you can make the information and documents available when not on Wi-Fi. Therefore, when you don't have access to the internet while traveling, you will still have access to your trip itinerary and travel documents!

Want to see how fast, fun, and efficient the Trip Planner Account truly is?

View a Sample Trip Here!

We help families, friends, and couples plan amazing vacations to celebrate life and big moments through travel. If you have questions or want to start planning your next trip, schedule a 15-minute quick "Hello" chat.

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