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Do You Have The World's Coolest Stamps On Your Passport?

Are you someone who likes to collect something small from each destination you travel to? Many travelers purchase small items such as postcards, magnets, or shot glasses to remember each trip. Passport stamps are another creative and free way to start a collection and help you remember the unforgettable memories you and your loved ones have shared around the world. You might not know that some places have some amazingly eye-catching and unique ones you’ll be dying to add to your collection.

These are 10 of the coolest passport stamps in the world!


Since this is not a country, you will not receive an official passport stamp upon entering. However, go to a souvenir shop at various scientific stations around the continent to purchase a cute penguin stamp.


Located in Israel, this tiny nation measures only 2.5 acres with only two residents on the north Mediterranean coast. How cool is it, though, that they have their own passport stamp? Be sure to collect this unique stamp that many people in the world don’t know even exists.

Cayman Islands

In 1963, Sir Turtle was created as a type of island mascot, and still greets visitors today. This passport stamp is a must-have, simply for the adorable turtle.


Yes, that’s right, this village in Wales has 58 characters in its name and is the second-longest place name in the world (first longest in Europe)! Be sure to visit the James Pringle Weavers shop to receive this dragon stamp. An insider tip: if you are a Game of Throne’s fan, this will become your favorite stamp!

Machu Picchu

When visiting the Incan Ruins, you can receive an additional unique stamp to add to your passport. This stamp is a great way to remember your hiking feat!

North Korea

Their stamp may be one of the rarest stamps you can obtain since only about 1,500 tourists can enter this country each year. Getting one of these stamps is extremely special!

Republic of San Marino

This is a unique stamp to collect since this micro-state, located in Italy, is the oldest and smallest republic in the world. It is easy to travel to but definitely one you’ll want on your passport.

The South Pole

This passport stamp is one to commemorate your accomplishment of getting to the South Pole! Ambitious adventure lovers who travel here can get this stamp at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Tristan da Cunha

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, with no airport, the only way to travel here is by a five-day boat ride from South Africa. This island is inhabited and considered the most remote island in the world, making this passport stamp another cool and unique one to add to your collection.

I'd love to help you collect these cool stamps for your passport collection! Please send me an email when you're ready to start planning your next dream vacation and let us help you celebrate life occasions through travel.

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