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Cruise the Christian Way

We will soon be approaching the end of the year, and it's time to rejuvenate in preparation for a new one. And what better place to refresh your mind than the Holy Land? Christians, if you're looking for a getaway where you can not only relax but expand your faith, consider a cruise to the Holy Land of Israel and the Mediterranean professionally planned by Living Passages. Some of the world's leading Bible scholars and archaeologists will be your travel guides on this tour of a lifetime. Here are just a few ways and reasons why you will come away with a new outlook on life.

Walking with Jesus

You've felt the presence of Jesus in your prayers and read His word in your Bible studies. Now have those words come alive as you walk where Jesus walked, including the Mount of Olives, Jesus' hometown of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Thinking of the miracles that Jesus performed in His ministry while visiting these sacred sites are sure to bring you closer to Him.

The Bible comes to life

The natural wonders of Jordan, Israel, and other authentic historic locations will make your Bible passages come to life. See the sites you've only read about, such as the Temple of Tel-Arad, and experience the culture with Israel's archaeologists and Bible scholars.

Digging for Adventure

The Holy Land is not only sacred, but it's full of opportunities for adventure — both physical and spiritual! Explore caves, take a helicopter ride, dig for pottery, float in the Dead Sea, and enjoy a therapeutic coating of its mineral-rich mud.

Study with the Scholars

Bring your Bible because you'll have access to renowned Bible scholars to help you apply scriptural teachings to your travels. Get their perspectives on the Gospels, archaeology of the New Testament and Jerusalem, and the history and significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Fellowship and Friendship

Befriending other believers is an essential benefit of this trip. Your Christian travels and studies will forge faith-based friendships that you will carry for the rest of your life. Come commune with other Christians whose journeys are similar to yours.

First-Class Accommodations

Enjoy fantastic views of Israel's beaches during your luxury hotel stay. You'll be pampered and comforted with spas, swimming pools, saunas, and fitness rooms in these modern and impressive hotels.

An Exclusive Experience

Living Passages offers a luxurious and detailed Christian cruise experience. You'll come away inspired and knowledgeable following this elite experience. Contact us today to book this life-changing experience!

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