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5 Top Reasons Ocean Cruisers Will Love River Cruising

If you're a fan of ocean cruising, you might think you've experienced the best that cruising has to offer. But have you ever considered trying river cruising? You might be surprised to learn that river cruising offers a unique and exciting experience too!

Here are five reasons why I think you'll love river cruising just as much as ocean cruising:

1. Intimate Experience

Unlike those big, flashy ocean liners, river cruises offer a more intimate and personalized experience. You're sailing on smaller ships that can easily navigate narrow waterways, so you get up close and personal with charming towns and villages. Plus, with fewer passengers onboard, typically no more than 200, the crew can give you more personalized attention, making you feel like a VIP!

2. Cultural Immersion

River cruising is the perfect way to experience local cultures and traditions. As you sail down the river, you'll have the chance to explore small towns and villages and mingle with locals. River cruise itineraries often include guided tours of historic sites and museums, so you can learn more about the places you visit. You can even try local delicacies and wines, giving you a taste of the local cuisine.

3. Scenic Beauty

While ocean cruising offers breathtaking ocean views, river cruising has its charm with picturesque landscapes and charming waterfront towns, towering castles, and vineyards. Some ships also have panoramic windows and open-air balconies, among other features, to enhance the views. Imagine cruising past colorful fall foliage or blooming trees and flowers in the spring. And since you're sailing along the river, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take amazing pictures that will make your friends and family envious!

4. No Sea-Sickness

Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises have no rocking motion, making them perfect for those who suffer from sea sickness. The river's calm waters mean a smoother ride, making relaxing and enjoying the scenery easier.

5. All-Inclusive

Most river cruises are all-inclusive, meaning that accommodations, meals, select beverages, and excursions are included in the price. This means that you will not have to worry about extra expenses that may arise during the cruise.

River cruising offers a different yet equally amazing experience for ocean cruisers. Whether you're looking for a personalized and intimate experience, cultural immersion, scenic beauty, culinary experiences, or easy accessibility, river cruising has it all. So, why not try something new and exciting on your next vacation?

If you're unsure where to start planning, we'd love to help you. We work with many different budgets and styles of travel. Reach out today to arrange a quick 15-minute chat at a time that suits you.

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