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10 Tips on How to Travel Italy Like a Local

Tourists are often respected differently than locals. It's inevitable, no matter where you go in the world. To avoid falling into this tourist trap, learn to travel like a local. Learning to visit a nation like a local will provide you with a more genuine experience overall.

Below are ten tips on how you can explore Italy without being pinned as a tourist to get you started with your adventures.

1. Two kisses is a standard greeting.

In Italy, it is customary to greet someone with a kiss on each cheek. Whether it’s your neighbor, grandmother, father, uncle, or friend, this is the standard greeting.

2. Don’t dress down.

Italians like to look and feel good. You'll find that most of the natives dress up for their daily endeavors. It would be best if you did the same to avoid standing out from the crowd.

3. Never order coffee after 11 a.m.

Ordering that latte after 11 a.m. will give others the impression that you had a late night.

4. The locals cherish Mid-afternoon naps.

Naps (riposinos) are frequent in Italy. It helps the natives avoid the afternoon heat and to refresh before evening.

5. Avoid ketchup.

Of course, smothering your burger or fries in ketchup is acceptable. However, don’t ever walk into a restaurant and ask for ketchup to top off your gourmet Italian meal. The chefs in these types of restaurants won’t take too kindly to your request.

6. Breakfasts are for sweets.

Italians love sweets first thing in the morning. Okay, maybe their delectable pastries aren't overly sweet, but they are great when paired with a cappuccino.

7. Don’t wait in lines.

You won’t see the natives patiently waiting in line. A majority of Italians will proudly walk to the front of the line, as if they were there all along.

8. Don’t plan your trip for summer.

Summer in Italy is usually sweltering and over-crowded from tourists. The natives often leave the country during the summer months. Planning your trip for spring, especially early June, is ideal.

9. Talk to people.

It should go without saying but, talking to people is a great way to mingle with the locals. Italians are friendly and love to chat, take advantage of any opportunities to meet someone new.

10. Speak with your hands.

Italians love to speak with their hands. Their hand gestures come naturally, so avoid looking unnatural in the process, but don't be afraid to emphasize your statements with relevant hand gestures.

Ready to explore Italy as the locals do? I’d love to talk over the details and plan out your next Italian vacation. Just schedule a complimentary consultation and let your travel dreams begin.

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