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10 Hidden Gems of Singapore

Are you looking for a unique destination to visit to celebrate life's big moments? Consider bringing your friends and family to Singapore. There's a reason nearly 20 million tourists visit Singapore each year.

The diverse island city of Singapore is full of hidden gems and experiences. There are countless things to explore, whether in nature or the concrete jungle. To make your next celebration vacation to Singapore more fantastic, here are ten hidden gems to check out.

1. Orchard Road

Stroll down Singapore's fashion street, Orchard Road. Here, you'll find luxurious boutiques, shopping malls, fabulous restaurants, and hotels. Orchard Road is a great place to enjoy a delicious lunch and a little shopping.

2. Ride a Bumboat Downtown

The view of downtown Singapore from the bumboat is perhaps the best citywide. You can take it for a quick ride or take it easy on the 40-minute tour.

3. Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

This walkway by the bay is nearly 2.2-miles long. As you take this stroll, there are alluring sights, including views of glamorous skyscrapers, unique structures, art, and the bay. Take advantage of the breeze shelters, mist sprays, and fans along the waterfront if it's too hot.

4. Sands Skypark

Head to the observation area atop the ship-shaped deck at Sands Skypark for the most magnificent view of downtown Singapore.

5. Gardens by the Bay

This modernized garden is undoubtedly one to behold. This outdoor nursery sits on about 250-acres and was designed during an international design competition.

6. Chinatown

Take in the culture of Chinatown as it blends old and new together in its restaurants, markets, and boutiques. Visit some of the old historic buildings and monuments and the beautiful temples.

7. National Orchid Garden

Bring your camera along when you go to the National Orchid Garden. Sprawling over 7-acres, you'll get to view over 1,000 species of orchids and 2,000 hybrids in this breathtaking oasis.

8. Clarke Quay

If you enjoy the nightlife, head over to the historical district of Clarke Quay. The streets in Clarke Quay are chocked-full of the hottest nightclubs and old warehouses that have been turned into bars and restaurants.

9. Jurong Bird Park

This bird park exists on nearly 50-acres and homes more than 400 species of birds. The park prides itself on keeping the birds' habitat as natural as possible.

10. Sentosa

This mysterious tiny island is nicknamed "Asia's Favorite Playground" due to its many attractions and city center. This island was once a military base, so there's a lot of history to enjoy here. In Sentosa, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach, get lost in the thickets of the forest, or do some gambling at a casino.

These hidden gems named aren't the only exciting places to find adventure in Singapore.

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