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5 Caribbean Destinations That Are Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Going on a romantic vacation with your partner is not only a great way to explore and relax but can help strengthen your bond with one another and bring you closer as a couple. Whether you are traveling for a honeymoon, anniversary, or just because, traveling with that special someone is a whole new way of getting to know them and yourself. When deciding where to go, the research process should be as fun and lighthearted as the trip itself, which is why the guide below will tell you 5 of the best Caribbean destinations to keep in mind when planning a romantic getaway.

1. Samaná, Dominican Republic

The town of Samaná, and specifically the Samaná Peninsula, is a hidden gem waiting for you to explore. The peninsula is secluded enough that you can have a sense of privacy and isolation but still offers much to do. An adults-only five-star resort on the isle of Cayo Levantado, Bahia Principe, allows the romantic vibes to flourish.

2. Corn Islands, Nicaragua

On the more affordable coast of the Caribbean, both Big and Little Corn Island offer stunning views and a charming atmosphere. Known for having delicious coconut bread and fantastic diving options, these islands have achieved a balance of party life and peacefulness. Many of the accommodations overlook the ocean on the Big Corn Islands and contain perks like infinity pools.

3. Magdalena, Colombia

The Magdalena region of Colombia may be the perfect place for couples that love adventure just as much as they love romance. Jungle treks through lost cities, seeing exotic animals and wildlife at protected parks, and roaming around the quaint town of Cartagena are all some of the activities the Magdalena area has to offer.

4. Aruba

Boasting delicious food such as Jamaican jerk ribs and coconut shrimp, as well as a variety of fun activities to partake in, Aruba is an excellent choice for people who like to mix things up. Not only can you visit breathtaking national parks and explore museums, but you may also be able to go swimming with flamingos on a neighboring private island or stay at an eco-friendly resort.

5. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

If you are looking for somewhere with a blend of cultures, Puerto Viejo maybe somewhere to check out. With influences from both Latin and Caribbean cultures, Puerto Viejo is located close to stunning waterfalls, rainforests, and jungles. Water-rafting, jungle expeditions, and villas with private pools are all things you can expect to see here.

When you are ready to book your romantic getaway, schedule a quick “Hello” call or email us and let us design the ideal bond-building getaway for you and your partner.

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