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The Carribean!

Sand, sun, and a whole lot of fun—the Caribbean is the perfect setting for your birthday bash! If you’re simply craving some laid-back together time with your loved ones, the island jewels of the Caribbean deliver. You won’t have a worry in the world as you splash in your all-inclusive resort’s massive pool, or stroll down the beautiful palm-fringed beach.


Of course, the Caribbean knows how to turn up the heat, too—perfect for a party! Once the sun sets, you and your crew can celebrate with dinner, drinks, or even a private celebration right on the beach to make you feel like a real birthday VIP. 


A Caribbean travel experience is easy-breezy, from beginning to end. Quick flights from the U.S., a range of affordable options, and welcoming English-speaking staff ensure everything about your birthday escape will be stress-free. And Caribbean resorts are used to holding HUGE events—so there’s no limit to how many family and friends you bring along with you!


Psst … go check your email! I just sent you more info on why I think the CARIBBEAN is the perfect place to celebrate your big day.

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But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Nicole Lawrence, founder of Travel With Great Company. Through my travel agency, I plan outstanding trips for groups, families, and couples who crave more than a vacation—they crave reconnection. I’ll help you nurture your most valued relationships and celebrate life’s biggest moments through the power of travel!

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