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The Mediterranean!

To-die-for views, sexy-yet-sophisticated seaside resorts, the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted—

The Mediterranean has all the glitz and glamour fit for your major birthday bash! The stunning Mediterranean coastline offers up an ideal balance of relaxation and invigoration, too. One day, you and your crew can snorkel your way through the crystal-clear waters, or turn it up another notch with a 4-wheeler excursion across a Grecian isle. 


When you’re ready to relax, your resort’s world-class spa is waiting for you. Plus, there’s nothing more relaxing—and utterly inspiring—than raising a glass of champagne for your birthday toast on a private yacht, as you watch the sun sink below the endless Mediterranean horizon. 


If you want to bring your loved ones along, you can arrange private tours, dinners, and receptions to make the experience extra special just for your group. Though be aware that flights to the Mediterranean are not especially frequent—so it may not be the ideal destination for a huge (say 50+) birthday bash.

Psst … go check your email! I just sent you more info on why I think the MEDITERRANEAN is the perfect place to celebrate your big day.


But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Nicole Lawrence, founder of Travel With Great Company. Through my travel agency, I plan outstanding trips for groups, families, and couples who crave more than a vacation—they crave reconnection. I’ll help you nurture your most valued relationships and celebrate life’s biggest moments through the power of travel!

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