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Interesting & Fun Things To Do in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a destination you should consider adding to your travel bucket list, especially for your next celebration trip. There is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter your travel style or preference. You will want to have some activities in mind that are unique to St. Lucia to keep you occupied and make sure your trip is memorable. From water-centered activities to land-based adventures, keep reading to discover some interesting and fun things to do while in St. Lucia.

1. Pigeon Island National Landmark

An island connected to the mainland by a human-made causeway, Pigeon Island is a landmark with a lot to offer. Not only does the 44-acre landmark contain gorgeous beaches and scenery, but it is also home to different concerts, festivals, historical tours, and much more. If you visit early enough in the morning, you may even feel like you have the whole island to yourself, as fewer tourists tend to come during this time.

2. The Pitons

Twin peaks blanketed in lively vegetation, the Pitons are one of the most remarkable sites in St. Lucia. These peaks, made from volcanic materials, rise high above the sea and can be seen from several locations. It's possible to climb them, although it is not recommended unless you are a professional climber, as the trek up can be pretty steep. Whether you climb to the top or not, the view of the Pitons can be enjoyed by all.

3. Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

If you are looking for something to do between beach days but don’t want to make the trek up the Pitons, Diamond Falls can be worth adding to your schedule. With 6-acres of beautiful flora and fauna, this waterfall and botanical garden are breathtaking. The water in the waterfall even changes color during different times of the year due to rainwater and volcanic minerals. The premise also contains mineral baths that you can soak in if you want to relax!

4. Sulphur Springs

Known as a “drive-in volcano,” Sulphur Springs is unique because it allows you to safely drive right past a volcano without ever leaving your vehicle. The reason it’s called Sulphur Springs is that this volcano emits sulfuric steam instead of lava. If you visit the springs, you can even bathe in warm Sulfuric pools, which have been said to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft! Just make sure not to wear your favorite bathing suit, as the steam may ruin it.

We'd love to help you choose, plan, and book your next celebration vacation to St. Lucia, that will renew and strengthen your relationships. Schedule a quick "Hello" call or email us when you're ready to start planning.

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